Mold Remediation Services

There are thousands of common species of mold in existence across the united states, from the aspergillus on your four-day-old loaf of bread to the stachybotrys that can, if allowed to spread, cause mood swings and suppress your immune system. Most of the time, however, these and many other types of mold simply don’t exist in substantial enough amounts to cause any problems, save perhaps for the severely allergic. They live as adolescent spores, looking for a place to settle down and begin their reproductive cycle. They can be fairly picky about where this place is – often requiring conditions such as dampness, darkness, and a more or less uniformly cool temperature.

Once a particular type of mold does manage to find an ideal location to breed, however, it can result in a colony: a growth of microscopic organisms which reaches a point where they become collectively visible. Mold reproduces by spores, both sexually and asexually – with many species being capable of either method. This means that, once a colony is established, it is extremely easy for it to spread throughout an affected house, apartment building, office building, or other structure – establishing additional colonies elsewhere in the building. Unchecked, a given colony can expand across many square feet, often leaving behind those conditions which are particularly conducive to its early formation – as the organism conveys necessary resources to wherever it needs them to go.

What is Mold Remediation?

There is no such thing as mold extermination or eradication. The simple, if ugly truth is that there are spores belonging to thousands of different species of common molds floating through the air around you as you read this. Normally, these spores do not exist in numbers that are substantial enough to affect anyone’s health, save for those individuals with the most severe of allergies; this is the state to which we seek to restore an infested location: a healthy, natural equilibrium whereby spores come in through the door and leave by the window… or the other way around.

We aren’t picky, as long as they go away.

“Remediation” is a three-pronged approach to a mold battle strategy. First, our experts at Vigilant Restoration will identify the type of mold present in your residential or commercial property. Second, we will clean up any directly affected areas, eliminating viable points of infestation which might otherwise serve to continue making the problem worse. Third, we will work to eliminate sources of those conditions – such as water damage – which provide many species of mold with an ideal environment in which to begin growing a colony in the first place.



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