Fire Damage Restoration Services

When it comes to smoke and fire damage, our specialized services apply to item recovery, whereby our expert professionals will attempt to restore the original quality of individually damaged household furnishings and possessions – including treasured family heirlooms such as photographs and scrapbooks. Vigilant Restoration’s fire damage restoration services are among the best on the eastern seaboard, with multiple office locations available across their service area.

The Power of Fire Damage

Unlike water damage, fire damage is almost always sudden and catastrophic – in which fashion it outstrips water damage considerably. Across the United States, catastrophic structural damage to a residence or a small business is far commonly the result of a fire than it is the result of any of the other most causes for such damage combined. Even if a building survives a fire without being totally devastated – as the majority of buildings do – it will inevitably suffer considerable damage to its interior, its contents, and quite probably its superstructure.

We specialize in the restoration of buildings and their contents in the event of smoke and fire damage. Both forms of damage leave their own individual traces; we can repair elements of your home’s superstructure, and in many cases we can eliminate visible scarring from a fire. Among our most heavily inquired-about services, however, are those of object restoration – a treasured service which we are proud to provide, and one which helps avert the feeling of having to start one’s life over from scratch after a devastating fire.

Our expert professionals understand the value of many objects that are commonly lost in a fire, whether that value is direct and material or sentimental. Of particular concern are those objects which survive a fire, only to have experienced considerable damage due to smoke, or from heat exposure. Many people simply discard these items, believing them to be beyond salvaging. This act makes the process of recovering emotionally from the incident all the more difficult, and it can lead to wrongful feelings of guilt or remorse. Among our restorative services, we offer object restoration: the ability to restore the condition of certain items, such as furniture and photographs, which have been damaged by smoke or heat exposure.

What Can You Do?

If you or someone you know has suffered through a house fire, call us today at 410-761-0070. We will carefully and compassionately assess all damages, and provide the highest possible quality work at a fair and reasonable rate. We work with all major insurance companies in our area of operation, and we are the favorite first responder for incidents of water, fire, and sewage cleanup for those carriers with whom we have worked to date.

Don’t delay. Let us restore to you some of what you thought was lost. There is life, security, and comfort to be found, even after a terrible fire.



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