Myrtle Beach: Mold Removal

Water can cause potentially catastrophic effects upon a home or office building’s superstructure if a leak isn’t checked over time. One of the most severe long-term effects of water damage can be on the health of those who use the building on a regular basis. Untreated water damage provides the perfect conditions in which thousands of species of common molds can take hold and reproduce. Under ideal conditions, mold forms large colonies, which quickly spread to other parts of an infected house, small business location, or any other structure.

One of the best ways to ensure that one avoids the risk of prolonged exposure to mold spores is to maintain an awareness of how to spot the signs of an existing infestation. There are hundreds, if not thousands of species of mold present within your home and workplace at any given time. Under normal circumstances, there simply aren’t enough to affect most individuals’ health. At Vigilant Restoration, a Myrtle Beach mold damage restoration company, we can help to ensure that things stay that way. We can also help you to confront and minimize any existing mold infestation, restoring safe, harmless spore levels.

What Causes Mold Infestation?

Mold infestation happens when a particular species of mold, of which there are many hundreds floating through the air in your house at any given time, finds conditions which are suitable for its growth. It spreads across a suitable surface, often one that is dark and damp – likely places for water damage to occur. An established mold colony will send out spores that will spread on ordinary air currents and through ventilation systems, resulting in additional mold colonies elsewhere in the same building.

• Respiratory issues. Mold causes a variety of respiratory issues. Existing allergies and asthmatic conditions can be exacerbated by mold spores and by the chemicals which many types of mold produce, precipitating a respiratory attack. Mold exposure can leave a person more highly vulnerable to bacterial or viral respiratory infections, as the immune system is already occupied with mold.

• Toxins. Black mold is well-known as a type of mold which produces chemicals that are directly harmful if inhaled or otherwise absorbed by the body over time. Other common types of mold also produce a variety of chemicals, typically as waste products, which can have a wide range of effects on the human body. These range from exhaustion and respiratory distress, to psychological effects – including mood swings. In some extreme cases, the chemicals produced by certain types of mold have been known to cause lethargy, and hallucinations.

• All around you. Mold is always around you. Unlike something which is sparked suddenly, like a fire, the ingredients for a severe mold problem are always present. It is impossible to completely eliminate all mold from your environment – but with the help of a keen eye, you can keep the danger of a full-blown infestation to a minimum.

We're Here When You Need Us

Vigilant Restoration offers comprehensive mold testing and removal services. We are prepared 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We will evaluate what types of mold are present in your home or office, as well as any problematic locations which might be contributing to an infestation – such as water-damaged locations you might not even know are there. For more information, give our Myrtle Beach offices a call today. You may also request a free quote through the use of our online form; our professional mold removal experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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