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The Effects Of A Hurricane On Your Home


When you live and work in a coastal location like Myrtle Beach, you may enjoy many spectacular days with warm temperatures and abundant sunshine. However, coastal locations are also prone to severe weather conditions, and one of the most common types of severe weather along the coast is a hurricane.

Hurricanes are most well-known for having damaging winds, and some storms can pack winds that exceed 150 miles per hour! In fact, hurricane force winds may be as strong as or even stronger than those of a tornado. In addition to having high winds, extremely heavy rainfall is also common with hurricanes. In fact, your property may endure several days of torrential downpours when a hurricane whips through the area. Whether you own a commercial or a residential property, hurricanes can cause tremendous damage to your real estate.

By understanding the scope of the damage to your property, you may prepare yourself to call for water damage restoration services after you experience a hurricane.

Wind Damage

There are two main types of damage associated with a hurricane, and the first type is wind damage. With extremely gusty winds screaming through the area, winds can easily knock down power poles, uproot trees and even blow heavy objects into buildings. All of these pose a risk to your property. Some wind forces will rip off roofs or will shatter windows. When the integrity of the home is breached because of high winds, there is the additional concern that rain water could enter the building. When rain water enters the structure, water damage and potential mold growth are concerns.

Flood Damage

In addition to wind damage, hurricanes also can cause flood damage. Flooding is extremely common in coastal locations that are hit by a hurricane. This may be caused by a number of factors, including a low elevation above sea level and heavy rainfall over a short period of time. Flood water can enter a building, destroying all that it contacts.

Wood and drywall may warp, carpeting may get stained and smelly, electrical features may be unusable and more. Removing standing water and drying the property out as soon as possible is a necessity.

If your home or commercial property is ravaged by the effects of a hurricane in Myrtle Beach, you goal reasonably is to repair the damage with quality workmanship in the fastest way possible. After all, you want life to return to normal quickly after a hurricane. Water damage services provide you with a fast, reliable way to repair the damage and to restore the condition of your property.

If your Myrtle Beach residential or commercial property has experienced water or wind damage from a hurricane, we are the water damage restoration specialists to call for assistance. We are ready to respond to service requests quickly, and we provide the fast, quality results you are looking for.


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