Fire Damage Restoration for Baltimore MD

Fire is a singular nightmare for any homeowner, a destructive force matched only by such catastrophic events as floods and explosions. There are measures which can be taken to reduce some of the risks involved in a fire breaking out, but the possibility can never be completely neutralized by any amount of preparation. The compassionate staff at Vigilant Restoration know what it means to be faced with the prospect of losing everything, and they are dedicated to the cause of attempting to help save what can be saved from any building struck suddenly and unexpected by fire.

One of the most important things that a home or small business owner can do to help minimize the risk of a house fire is to keep themselves well informed on fire prevention techniques. As is the case with most of life, knowledge is the key to success. You need to know where a fire is likely to start, what is most likely to trigger it, and how it will spread. At Vigilant Restoration, a Baltimore fire damage restoration company, we can help you to stay on top of fire prevention… and we’re always ready to help you in the recovery process, 24/7, if and when a fire does occur.

What Causes a Fire?

Fires require several things to successfully ignite, and to continue burning. They require a source of fuel, a steady source of oxygen, and a spark or other source of ignition. The presence of kindling – readily flammable material that will burn quickly and easily, serving as a prolonged ignition method for less readily flammable objects – can help the process along considerably. Unfortunately, with the materials out of which they are built, and the way that they are designed for optimized airflow, modern buildings are almost ideal for maintaining a large fire, and its effects upon the interior of a burning building can be completely devastating if it isn’t contained and extinguished quickly.

• Be aware of sources of ignition. Heat sources, such as a stove or a radiator, can be a potential source of ignition. Something like a cigarette lighter is designed to ignite fires, while a cigarette itself is designed to burn, long and slow. A problem in your home’s wiring system can also indicate a potential source of ignition for a fire; this is evidenced by a socket that no longer works, or a circuit that can no longer handle the same draw that it used to handle without any issues. Avoid storing dangerous chemicals, which might combine to produce unpredictable effects, in open containers… and never deliberately combine household chemicals. Be sure to store dangerous substances away from any heat sources.

• Never attempt electrical fixes yourself. Electricity is a powerful force that can behave in ways that even experienced professionals find difficult to predict. Never attempt to repair a problem within your home’s electrical circuitry. Always call a professional electrician to handle a dead outline, an inexplicably weak circuit, a non-functioning light switch, or any other such electrical problems.

We're Here When You Need Us

Vigilant Restoration offers complete and thorough fire and smoke damage restoration; if it can be saved, we will save it. This applies to structures, vehicles, and objects of value or sentimental importance to the victims of a severe fire. When the worst happens, we are prepared 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our services include a free assessment of all damages and what we can provide for you, including object recovery: the removal of smoke damage effects from delicate items such as clothing and photographs. For more information, give our Baltimore offices a call today, or request a free quote through the use of our online form. A representative will get in touch with you as soon as we receive your message, and we can begin helping you get back on the road to living your life in security and comfort.